Endless Summer: Inspired by Massimo Vitali’s Beach Photography

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Image: Elle Décor

Summer may be officially over, but that doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye. If the warmer months are your favorite time of year, why not incorporate summery art and accessories into your home’s décor? One of my absolute favorite approaches is large scale, beach photography, especially the iconic work of Massimo Vitali.

Vitali Beach Photography Sand
Image: Massimo Vitali

Popular among interior designers, Vitali’s photography is simple yet statement-making. Pick a wall, any wall, and watch how his work utterly transforms a space with its nostalgic, summertime imagery. To prove my case, here are my favorite “in situ” moments where every day is a trip to the beach.

Living Room by Philip Gorrivan

Vitali Beach Photography Yellow Wall
Image: Philip Gorrivan

While many of us have seen this yellow living room by Philip Gorrivan, it is no less fabulous! An oversized Vitali print pairs nicely with blue, upholstered armchairs.

Sitting Area by Courteney Cox

Vitali Beach Photography Courteney Cox Room
Image: Elle Décor

Courteney Cox is not only a popular actress, but quite the design aficionado as well. When selecting artwork for her kitchen’s sitting area, she chose a beach print by Vitali to enhance the room’s modern décor.

Dining Room by Darren Brown

Vitali Beach Photography Darren Brown Room
Image: Cottages & Gardens

This dining area by Darren Brown is all about glitz and glamour, but Vitali’s work is nonetheless apropos. The blues in his photography reflect the serene wall color and velvet dining chairs.

Dining Room by Chad Eisner

Vitali Beach Photography Chand Eisner Dining Room
Image: Elle Décor

Though more contemporary, Chad Eisner also deemed Vitali the right choice for his dining room project. The work’s color and detail seem more vivid thanks to a crisp, white backdrop and neutral furnishings.

Living Room by Alexandra de Garidel-Thoron

Vitali Beach Photography Living Room
Image: Elle Décor

A similar approach was used in this grand living room. The size of Vitali’s photograph complements the scale of the room and brings color into an otherwise neutral space.

Media Room by B Five Studio

Vitali Photography B Five Studio Media Room
Image: Elle Décor

A Vitali photograph hangs prominently in a media room by B Five Studio. Its shape mirrors the custom cabinetry while its sandy hues echo colors found in the oak partition and linen sofa.

Living Room by Iain Halliday

Vitali Beach Photography Green Chairs
Image: Burley Katon Halliday

Last, but certainly not least, is everyone’s favorite living room by Iain Halliday. As with the other spaces, a large-scale Vitali work feels more like a picture window than a piece of art, perfect for reflecting on summertime fun.

Remember, you can celebrate summer all yearlong! Would Vitali’s photography work in your space?

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