Five Inspiring Mix-and-Match Kitchen Designs

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Image: ShootFactory

These days, mixing interior decor styles is very on trend, and the kitchen is one of the most interesting places to try it. Combining various looks can make a space feel personal, inviting and a little eccentric. Take a look at these five mix-and-match kitchens:

1920s Charm Meets Minimalist Style

1920's Minimalist Kitchen on The Interior Collective
Image: Ashley Poskin/Apartment Therapy

This retro kitchen embraces the good old days with vintage appliances and fixtures. Yet it’s beautifully balanced thanks to the clean lines and naturals wood tones of the minimalist breakfast bar and shelving. The consistent use of black,white,wood and metal keep things looking fresh and modern while still allowing the charm of the vintage pieces shine. I love the way two eras and styles come together to create this cozy and functional kitchen.

Charming Farmhouse Meets Modern Industrial

Mix and Match Modern Farmhouse
Image: ShootFactory

At first glance, this kitchen’s charm is apparent. The tiled farmhouse stove’s built-in and whitewashed plank flooring are a nod to country roots, but the kitchen receives a healthy dose of modern through sleek appliances and industrial-inspired lighting. The mixed styles in the space work well together because of the neutral color palette and heavy metals. The use of stainless steel and chrome reflect the whites in the space in a stunning way.

Contemporary Meets French Country

Mix and Match Contemporary French Country
Image: Laura Ashley Kitchens

There is something so charming about French country decor, but the style can quickly begin to feel too pretty and gaudy. The thing I love most about this kitchen is the way the French country-inspired table and chairs feel special in a more contemporary room. The glossy white cabinetry has simple lines and modern hardware. The finish on the cabinets give it a mirror-like quality that reflect the lines of the scalloped table and Windsor chairs. These two unique styles come together in a complementary way that makes them both stand out.

Rustic Industrial Meets a Vintage Tile Floor

Mix and Match Rustic Industrial
Image: Whit Preston

The beauty of vintage tile flooring is in the fine details. The patterns and designs are thoughtful, delicate, and perfectly dated. The way this kitchen holds tight to the vintage flooring while incorporating rustic wood tones and modern fixtures is simply gorgeous. I especially love the way the floor plan of the tiling was the inspiration for the kitchen’s updated layout. The renovation is modern and intentional, making the whole space timeless.

Classic White Meets Persian Beauty

Mix and Match White Persian
Image: Bruno Bornsztein/Curbly

White kitchens are having their moment. There’s an indisputable classic appeal that comes with a white kitchen; their clean color palette makes them easy to incorporate into nearly all styles. In my own kitchen, I wanted to give the classic look of white a little more depth. I achieved this by using a kilim rug. The colors and patterns on the rug add the ‘something old’ that my new kitchen was longing for.

Do you have a favorite way of mixing old and new or vintage and modern in your kitchen? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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