Focal Walls that Demand Attention

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Does anyone remember the movie “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken?” My favorite line in the entire film is when Marie looks at Sonora and says “She’s not the star of the show, I am.” If focal walls could talk, this is what they would be saying to the rest of the room.

The term focal wall became main stream when shows like Trading Spaces took over our lives. After it aired, I am pretty sure that everyone in North America had a red wall. And while the red may have come and gone, the idea of having focal walls are here to stay.

Classic Focal Wall

Wood Focal Wall
Image: Makely Home

I am so in love with this wall from the blog, Makely School For Girls. It even has a tutorial so that you can do it yourself.

Tape and Paint

Painted Focal Wall
Image: Stephanie Sterjovski

Making a focal wall can be something as easy as pulling out a roll of tape and some paint. This wall paper is so fantastic, and you can absolutely replicate it yourself by using paint and tape if you are on a small budget.

Board and Batten

Colored Focal Wall
Image: The Blend

The Board and Batten and Beadboard movements have been going strong for a few years – I really love the combo of the two in this focal wall treatment.


Stencil Focal Wall
Image: 4Men 1Lady

You always have the option of creating a focal wall out of things instead of paint or pattern. This stenciled wall from 4Men 1Lady is amazing.

Creating a space that has a breathtaking focal wall isn't hard, it just takes a bit of creativity. If you are a little scared to jump in with both feet, then start with your big toe and paint one wall a different color. Creating a focal wall in a room gives it an anchor and lets you know who the star really is.

Do you have any ideas for focal walls?

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