From Indoor to Outdoor: Living In Landscapes

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After living in Scandinavia for the past few years, I’ve learned to cherish any moment of a shining sun. It’s so rare that it’s sunny (and even more rare if it lasts) that when the sun does shine, everyone is outside soaking in the vitamin D for as long as they possibly can. Now that I’m back in America, on the West coast to be more precise, there are many more opportunities to spend time outside and enjoy the outdoors. I’ve started to garden now that I’m back just so that I have an excuse to be out. If I were really to put my money where my mouth is, I would design a more livable space outside where I could spend time. I’d create spaces for eating, reading, and entertaining. Here are some of my favorite ideas.

Create spaces for living

Outdoor Landscape
Images: (Left) Pinterest, (Right) Consulting Mark D Sikes

In order to live outside, you need to have spaces to be. So first up is creating those spaces. My favorite image, above, has a combination of flat spaces as well as elevated spaces with the stairs leading to a higher level.

Create furniture groupings that accommodate people

Living in Outdoor Spaces
Images: (Left) YS Voice, (Right) Pinterest

For entertaining purposes, placing furniture in conversational groupings is best. This could be a table with chairs around, an outside sofa with chairs, or a bench and side table. For dining purposes, a simple table and chairs will suffice. The NY terrace with yellow chairs, above, does the trick. Of course, not everyone has a NY terrace, but this could be on your patio covered by a trellis that creates a designated space and focal point.

Let nature be the focal point

The beauty of outdoor living is that nature does all the work for you. As long as you provide the furniture basics, you can enjoy the scenery. Use planters or flower boxes to act as the “paintings” in the room.

Do you spend much time outside in the nicer weather? What do you do to enjoy the outdoor “rooms”?

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