From Street Style to Interior Style: Monaco Blue with Poppy Red

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Aside from naming its annual Color of the Year, Pantone also creates color trend reports after carefully reviewing the spring and fall runways. So, what was their number-one pick for spring? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not Emerald Green! Rather, Pantone named Monaco Blue as the top color for spring fashion; and although black and white outfits are dominating magazine editorials, Monaco Blue is making appearances in everyday wardrobes. Paired with a strong red, as seen in this street style look from Cannes, it provides inspiration for richly-colored interiors.

From the Streets of Cannes, an On-Trend Palette

Cannes Street Style
Image: Harper’s Bazaar

This look from the streets of the Cannes Film Festival layers a Monaco-like blue with deeper shades of navy and dark denim. According to Pantone, over 13% of designers used Monaco in their spring 2013 collections, making it the most popular color of the runway. In sixth place, Pantone identified Poppy Red, “a seductive, sensual and celebratory shade,” with 10.1% of designers using the color. It’s the perfect accent to this otherwise monochromatic ensemble.

Making it Work at Home

Finding the right combination of blue and red can be tricky in interior design. Pick the wrong colors and your home may become an unintentional tribute to the American flag. The key is to use muted shades rather than true forms of the color. Monaco Blue and Poppy Red make a great starting point. Simply tweak to create a warm and inviting palette, like this suite in the Gramercy Park Hotel.

Red Blue Interior
Image: Lonny Magazine

The living and dining rooms of the Gramercy Park’s penthouse suite are enveloped in a beautiful shade of blue. Similar to the cardigan of our Cannes street style look, the backs of upholstered chairs provide a deeper version of the color. Though not a Poppy Red (but just as dramatic), the ruby-toned velvet sofas offer a welcoming contrast.

Velvet Couch
Image: Lonny Magazine

When in need of a fresh palette, think of what works in fashion. Often times there are color combinations in our wardrobe that we’d never consider for our home.

Whether blue and red or something more daring, what are some interesting color pairs that you’ve noticed on the street or runway?

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