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(Via House Beautiful)

I love how fun colorful kitchens are. I always feel as if there are wonderful stories behind the people that reside in the homes of these kitchens. Like, people with colorful kitchens have to be risk-takers, creative, and cool, right?

The kitchen above has lacquered green cabinets wrapped around most of the kitchen. Contrasted with the stainless countertops and stove, these cabinets have a bold, yet sophisticated, look that’s hard to ignore. Bringing in the pops of color in the books and kitchenware, helps to ground the bold color.

(Via HGTV)

I love how bright these cabinets are. Although there are many yellow cabinets, the expanse of stainless steel and silver in the appliances and backsplash tone down the color without it losing its impact in the room.

(Via At Home in Love)

This kitchen starts with a neutral base, but becomes colorful with the addition of the bright kitchenware. The colorful cups, bowls, and accessories set the tone for a cheery space that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

(Via Arts and Crafts Homes)

This kitchen screams fun. The soft green cabinets are perfect throughout the seasons and are a great pop against the orange walls. Mixed with colorful cookware, books, and timeless elements, this kitchen is both artsy and exuberant.


It’s obvious that the designer of this kitchen took precious time designing this space. Each color seems to be perfectly chosen to harmonize with the others. The contrast of the wood floor against the pastel, mint-green cabinets and cobalt-blue island brings in lots of interest, while also completing the cabinets well.

So, what do you think of these colorful kitchens? Can you picture your own kitchen with any these exciting hues?

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