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Design can be unexpected and exciting depending on your color choices. There are multiple color options that you can introduce into your space and the colors you choose can play a big part in the mood of a room. While some opt for a neutral space that introduces no color, I personally crave color so I always invite it in my spaces.

A specific color that we have seen popping up more and more in interior design is navy blue. It adds a layer of drama and maturity to a room. It can be used in a classical, country, space, or a beach friendly space. My favorite style of design to use navy blue is in a modern space. Above we see an eclectic bedroom with modern elements using navy blue on an accent wall/window. The blue in the pillowcases tie it all together.

Get Modern with Navy on the Interior CollectiveImage: The Style Files

If you want to just add a splash of blue, use it in pillows and accessories. You don’t have to invest in a large, expensive piece if you think you might get tired of this color. Just try it in small, budget friendly ways.

Get Modern with Navy on the Interior CollectiveImage: Bo Bedre

These modern blue sofas are the perfect addition to this neutral, white space. It’s a more serious approach to this color trend but in an all white space, it’s such a cool execution.

Get Modern with Navy on the Interior CollectiveImage: The Design Files

Another changeable way to add a color is through art. And while blue isn’t the main focus in this piece, it gives out enough of the color to make a statement in this room.

What are your thoughts on navy blue? Would you use it in your home?

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  1. When I first met my husband, the only blue items in my house were my denim jeans. But he loved navy blue. He is the kind of guy who gravitates towards everything reminiscent of coastal living, like sailing, hunting for vintage naval instruments on flea markets, or simply loving blue.
    To me at the time, it was somewhat a too traditional color, and I resisted every one of his attempts to bring it inside our home once we moved in together.
    Until it began to grow on me.
    And it grew to the point where it has become an essential component of our home. We use it as an accent color in our living room, master bedroom, screened porch and deck, mostly in fabric patterns and combined with white, cream, very light grey or dark chocolate. A small old accent table, that I like to repaint in a different color every now and then, is now also pained in blue.
    A decade ago, my attitude towards blue, was the one of a stubborn child, who refuses to eat vegetables because they are “yukkie”, without having ever tasted one. Little I knew, that I was going to fall completely in love with this surprisingly versatile and resilient color.

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