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The release of Caesarstone’s new 2018 colors always provides a glimpse into the trends of the next few years and I have to say that it gets me excited to see what great design we’ll be seeing! I’m particularly digging three -  Cloudburst Concrete, Frozen Terra and Intense White, which appeal to a few different styles, yet somehow can be worked in to all. Let’s take a look at how these new colors can work in your space and what colors they pair best with.

Frozen Terra 4601

Images: 01: First Lamp, via Architecture Art Design//02: yatzer // 03: Froy 


Frozen Terra is my favorite with its nod to mid-century because of the slight terrazzo feel. I love the idea of bringing in additional warm colors like ochres and browns, and then pairing it with a cooler color like a slate blue. This color can go in so many different directions! That said, the neutral base allows you to work it into nearly every style flawlessly.

Cloudburst Concrete 4011

Images: 01: domino // 02: Grand Tradition Homes //03: Studio Mcgee


Cloudburst Concrete has all the perks of looking like concrete while maintaining the benefits of quartz. It’s the best of both worlds! This look is the perfect solution to adding to your modern farmhouse style. These days, I’m particularly digging the blue-greens that feel fresh without feeling like you’re in a jungle. I’d consider pairing it with a warm taupe and a slate grey to ground it.

Intense White 6011

Images: 01: Imgrez// 02: decor pad, via H Ryan Studio//03: inkawall


Last, but not least, Intense White. Don’t let the name fool you, “intense” is just meant to describe its beauty. It adds the perfect amount of light neutral so that it doesn’t come across as stark. It would be perfect for a more contemporary vibe as it feels clean yet not sterile. Add with it some olive taupes, a warm gray and a mocha coffee brown, and it combines the best of the warm and cool palettes.


Which color is striking your fancy the most? And how would it work in your own kitchen? We would love to hear!



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