Gian Luca Fiori Shows Us Why Grey is the New Black"

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 Photo credit: Marble and Granite, Inc.

Looking to modernize your space? Well, our friend Gian Luca Fiori of New England’s Marble and Granite Inc. has a few tips for making grey work in your kitchen! Take a look at his thoughts on why grey is the new black...

No room garners quite as much traffic and attention as the kitchen. Because it is often the family meeting place and spot where guests gather at parties, it's important to have a kitchen that's not only functional but looks great too.

If you've had the same look in your kitchen for several years, then you may find yourself growing tired of the usual and wanting a change. While doing a complete overhaul of a kitchen can be quite time consuming, changing select features is a fun and easy way to mix things up and stay current with the hottest trends.

While for years homeowners have gone back and forth between favoring stark white kitchens to bold shades, now the hottest trend is somewhere in the middle: gray countertops. Gray countertops work well in a variety of design schemes, from modern to country. A great place to focus is on the kitchen island. You can use a stunning piece of Caesarstone there to create a rich-looking and functional spot for dinner prep, food serving or a working station for busy family members.

Another way to make gray counters pop in your kitchen is to extend the color to your walls. The contrast with the white cabinetry and dark hardwood flooring is elegant yet subdued. And of course, one of the biggest advantages to having gray countertops is how beautifully it marries with stainless steel appliances, bringing a seamless look and feel to the room.

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