Glamasculine: Mixing Glamorous and Masculine

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I like to make up new words to describe how I view certain types of interior décor, and I have one for just this situation: “glamasculine”. That’s what I call the great combination of glamorous and masculine in a space. I think of it as one of those tasty treats—like when you combine peanut butter and chocolate—and today I’m going to give you some of the tricks behind creating it yourself.


One of the key components to a glamasculine room is contrast—mixing dark and light pieces together in a way that is dramatic without being too stark. Think of the black and white elements of a terrific tuxedo walking a red carpet, and you have the idea. The goal here is to be sure your materials look rich and clean while also showing distinct contrasting shades.

Image: DHD Architecture and Design


When thinking about contrast, think also about the way different pieces can work together in your space to show the differences between matte and gloss—or what I prefer to call polish. Bringing reflective surfaces and details into your room can really amplify the feeling of glamor, but it’s just as important to have more toned-down elements to help play off the polish and provide a punch of masculine feel. These well-loved leather chairs do just that in the below setting; juxtaposed with the table, wall storage unit, and even the shiny floor, they help give the room balance.

Image: Phu Tang for The Design Files


As you can see in the below image, the more texture you introduce into the space, the more it tips toward the masculine side of the mixture. Those amazing globe lamps work wonders to give just enough glamor to make this space glamasculine.

Image: Minimalisti

What kinds of style combinations have you come up with for your home?

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