Globe Lights: The “Goes-Anywhere” Lighting Fixture

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Image: Redneck Modern

Do you ever wonder how to spot the perfect fixture or piece of furniture that will work with just about any interior design? Well, while it can be argued— and, in my opinion, is certainly true— that a talented designer can find a way to make almost anything look good, one of my personal tricks of the trade is to look for pieces that tend to appear over and over in your online décor searches. The catch is this: these go-anywhere items are often supporting players in the images, so you have to look on the sidelines to find them. Such is the case of the incredibly versatile globe light.

Mid-Century Staple

As shown above, these days you’re most likely to find examples of our simple, round light fixture hanging around in restored mid-century modern homes. This is the epitome of how it tends to be used—perhaps because it has a timeless look with a shape that reminds us of the era.

Globe Lights- The Goes-Anywhere Lighting Fixture on the Interior CollectiveImage: Sean Fennessy for The Design Files

Contemporary Glamour

Dress up our simple globe in silver and hang in multiple sizes and you’ve got a sure-fire winner in any contemporary space. Again, versatility is the key here.

Globe Lights- The Goes-Anywhere Lighting Fixture on the Interior CollectiveImage: Ben Hosking

h4>Pared-Down Aesthetic

If simple and serious is your style, never fear: the globe lamp will fit in without disturbing—or worse, hijacking—the vibe. There’s something about it that seems to say, “I’m just hangin’…” no matter where you place it.

Globe Lights- The Goes-Anywhere Lighting Fixture on the Interior CollectiveImage: Remodelista

Historic Hero

And perhaps it’s due to the longevity of the style that we’re able to use the globe light with any décor these days. With the proliferation of the more modern form, it’s easy to forget that this fixture shape has been around for over a century and is still going strong. Which, after all, is the true essence of versatility.

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