Graphic Patterned Rugs to Sweep You Off Your Feet

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Images: Anthropologie

Adding in unique color, texture, and pattern is essential to creating an interesting room. You can create a mix of elements with the furniture and accessories, but one of the fastest ways to add impact is with a graphic patterned rug. Below are some fantastic options, with a few thoughts on each.

Graphic Patterned Rugs to Sweep You Off Your Feet on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Lulu & Georgia; (2) West Elm; (3) West Elm; (4) CB2; (5) IKEA; (6) Crate & Barrel; (7) RugsUSA; (8) IKEA; (9) IKEA; (10) Crate & Barrel

  1. A slightly irregular pattern feels fresh right now, and the color palette on this one is particularly nice.
  2. The pattern is large in scale, but still very easy to work with. This would be a great choice for someone who wants to bring in an interesting patterned rug but is cautious!
  3. A round rug will draw attention just because we’re all so used to rectangles, but when it’s done in rays of color like this one it really stands out!
  4. The design on this is meant to mimic porcupine quills, and the sense of movement in the pattern is a nice change from the typical repeating geometrics we see.
  5. Cute as a button (I had to!) for a kid’s room. Also adorable for a craft or sewing room!
  6. A simple grid is livened up with a sudden color reversal midway through.
  7. The trellis design and lush greens bring to mind a garden. Think of how perfect this one would be along with a big vase full of pink peonies in an otherwise simple room.
  8. Bright colors, but tempered by darker shades. Play up the reds or draw out the navy blues — you can go in a lot of directions with this one.
  9. Another circular option! This one has a feminine feel to it with the floral center, but the color scheme of black, white, red, and blue keeps it from feeling too girly.
  10. A cartoony trompe l’oeil makes this a fun choice patterned rug for not-too-serious spaces.

Which of these patterned rugs could you see working for you in your own home?

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