9 Graphic Prints for the Kitchen

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Image: (1) ReStyle Graphic on Etsy

The kitchen is one of the least utilized spaces when it comes to wall decor, namely straight-up art! After spending time to make sure the furniture, the appliances, and the cabinets and counters are just so, spend a little more and think about how to make all of that free vertical space work for you. Hanging a few affordable art pieces can help you carry the mood you want that much further into the design of the space.

Of course the art you settle on can be kitchen themed in nature, but don't shy away from pieces that flow in a different kind of way. For example, in the photo above, the print is inspired by Arne Jacobsen's utensil design, tying together nicely with the mid-century modern table and chairs underneath.

Graphic Prints for the Kitchen

Images: (2) Reo Zirinis on Society 6,  (3) Felicita Sala on Society 6,  (4) Lily and Val on Etsy, (5) Benton Park Prints on Etsy

The majority of wall space in my own kitchen falls between the countertops and cabinets – the backsplash. While the pieces I chose had to be on the small side I took on the challenge and created a small revolving gallery that injects just the right dose of personality into the space.

Graphic Prints for the Kitchen

Images: (6) DJayK on Society 6,  (7) Lebonretro on Esty,  (8) Jon Contino on Society 6, (9) Bouffants And Broken Hearts on Society 6

So, are you for or against putting graphic prints in the kitchen?

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