Hanging Chairs Roundup

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Summer somehow always finds a way to bring out my best boho aesthetic. I love transitioning my home for the season and finding decor that is eclectic and reminiscent of travel and sunshine. I know that hanging chairs have been 'a thing' for awhile now, but I still really love them. There's something undeniably relaxing and calm about swinging and twirling in one- bonus points if you're barefoot. Click through to see a roundup of my favorites that can live indoors or out!

01: woven hang chair // 02: macrame hanging chair // 03: pod hanging chair // 04: rattan swing chair // 05: natural hanging chair // 06: white rattan hanging chair // 07: cotton chair hammock // 08: amalfi hanging chair // 09: hanging bamboo scoop chair // 10: modern woven hanging chair // 11: black swing chair // 12: hanging pod swing chair // 13: light brown hanging chair // 14: cotton chair hammock // 15: double rattan hanging chair
I have lots of favorites from this roundup. I actually just put #6 into a client's outdoor project and they look amazing! I'm sort of considering getting one of the cotton or macrame versions (#2, #7, #14) for my own backyard makeover. I could easily envision it hanging from our brand new pergola. The tough part will be deciding between the three.
My favorite rattan version is definitely #1. I have a soft spot for tight, intricately woven pieces. Which ones are you guys feeling? More importantly, does anyone already own a hanging chair? If so, did you install it indoors or outside?

You have to admit- they're really fun to sit in and are surprisingly more comfortable than you might expect! I can think of so many places for a hanging chair to live- both inside and out. Outside you could hang them from a porch, breezeway, pergola, or pool house. Inside they'd be great installed in a bright and airy living room, sun room, kids room, or even in a nursery.
There's sort of a misconception about where a hanging chair belongs. In my opinion, hanging chairs aren't just for beachy or desert locations... you can totally integrate one of these into your decor this summer. It just takes a little mixing and matching. I say bring on the instant summer vibes, hop in a hanging chair, kick off your shoes, and grab a drink! It sounds pretty picturesque, right?

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