Headboard Report: 5 Alternative Headboards You Can Lean On

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In my recent post on unusual art, I included the above image of two bedrooms incorporating large-scale prints as art pieces. At the time, I knew I wanted to revisit these two rooms for a post about showing personality with headboards. Now’s the time to explore upping the wow factor in the bedroom by reviewing some headboard ideas—like using large art pieces as an extension of your everyday look to make something new.

Weave Some Magic

Woven Leather Look
Image: Urbanist

Bedrooms can be woefully lacking in visual texture—after all, we want to be able to relax and retreat in our special rooms. But adding a real punch of heightened touch to the space can make a world of difference. Like this woven headboard; I can’t tell if this is fabric, leather, or some other material, but it does make for a statement look in this bedroom. If I were the DIY type (I leave that for those who truly love it), I could imagine ways to craft this kind of piece myself. Only I’d paint mine deep pumpkin to really reflect my personal style.

Padded Room

Padded Room
Image: D Pages Blog

Extending the profile of your headboard to take up additional wall space—and therefore help unify the area around the bed—is another great idea when you want to make a mark in the bedroom. I especially like the detail of upholstered padded sections in this example. Again, a motivated DIY-er could create a full wall of these panels and have a true one-of-a-kind headboard.

Rolled Steel

Rolled Steel
Image: 1 Kind Design

Another terrific idea for setting a new standard and showing your own style in the room of repose is to bring in rolled steel for the headboard. It has a very elemental yet still elegant style that I think anyone would love to have.

How do you show off your winning personality at home?

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