How to Bring a Masculine Look to Your Accessorizing

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It’s a commonly held interior design and décor maxim: a room is not complete without layers—all those little things that give a room its personality. After you’ve tackled the big-picture items in a space it’s the accessorizing that ultimately allows the room to sink or swim. And, if you’re into a more masculine look, achieving that can sometimes be quite a challenge. Never fear, there are a few things I’ve learned along the way that I can share with you.

Throw pillows are often a particularly difficult call for rooms with a masculine feel. But the examples above both rise to the occasion. Made from bandanas and grain sacking, they provide pattern and texture while staying within the desired aesthetic.

In the Living Room

Masculine Home Accessories
Image: Apartment Therapy

Remember to consider materials and texture when thinking about masculine accessories. Rough metal trays, antlers, and wooden rings are great examples of the kinds of accessories that will set the stage and also tie together more traditional pieces like books.

In the Dining Room

Image: Mad About the House

Keep in mind that one of the hallmarks of a more masculine space is that it will feel edited to the point of sometimes seeming spare. But with just the right items—a rough bowl, some raw candles, and a blanket or throw—these rooms can still be very inviting.

In the Bedroom

Buffalo Painting
Image: The Animal Print Shop

Continuing with the idea of keeping the room calm and free of clutter, these vases are organic in the same way as the cowhide rug and the plant are both natural. Completing the picture is a terrific buffalo print.

In the Bathroom

Image: Hotel Jerome

Hammered metal makes for a wonderful textural feeling in the bathroom and brings in the masculine aesthetic in a very successful way. Every room of the house can be nudged a bit more toward this look with the thoughtful application of these kinds of layers.

What are your favorite accessories in your home?

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