How to Bring an Industrial Look to Your Home Office

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I’ve written here in the past about working from home, providing tips for creating your own home office haven. Now it’s time to talk adding an industrial feel to your home workspace.


Images: (Left) Jason Loper for Apartment Therapy; (Right) Smarter Alec

One of the fastest and most surefire ways of bringing the industrial look into any home office is through shelving. Whether it’s the pipe and board DIY look or open steel Metro shelving, these are functional additions to your space that will also give you a bit of an edge.


Image: Remodelista

We all need storage and plenty of flat surfaces to hold printers, iPad stands, plants and more. One of my favorite new office storage sources is called Heartwork (that’s their media cabinet shown above) and it’s a beauty. I have the more easily available PS cabinet from Ikea, but it serves the same purpose and brings one more touch of metal (and therefore industrial) to my space.


West Elm
Image: West Elm

There are plenty of reasons to opt for a modular office system—from sharing space to incipient obsessive-compulsive drives. One of the savviest makers of these all-in-one workspace workhorses is West Elm, with plenty of workshop references to give you the sense of industrial space you’re looking for.

Art Rules

Image: Desk

And, as always, I come back to reminding us all that no room is complete without the all-important addition of art. Bold colors, geometric shapes, and interspersing visuals with functional items—like that clock—go such a long way to grounding any industrial space and making it all yours.

How have you brought the industrial vibe into your workspace?

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