How to Choose the Right Countertops for You

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Kitchen countertops were created for purely functional reasons, but why is it that it’s so tough to choose the right type? Because there are some that are visually appealing but not functional, and there are others that work well but aren’t very stunning. What if you found one that was both beautiful and functional, and thus perfect for the style of your home? Let’s discuss how to find the right countertop for your needs and style.

  1. Wood countertops. If you’re going for a more rustic or classic look, keep to wood butcher blocks. They are cheap and allow you to use the countertops as a cutting board. The downside is that you’ll see all the wear and tear on the wood, but if you don’t mind the aged look, you’re golden!
  2. Stone countertops. Stone countertops, like this limestone, are great for a frequently used kitchen. That said, it also requires a lot of maintenance and needs to be sealed regularly to prevent water damage.
  3. Recycled glass countertops. Though it sounds like a cheap option, recycled glass can actually be quite expensive, especially when compared to other options like laminate. It’s great for a fun, colorful, and eclectic look, but the uneven nature of it may wear and tear in inconsistent ways. It would be great in a beach cottage or colorful kitchen.
  4. Concrete countertops. Concrete is extremely popular right now for its more industrial look and more DIY approach. It is easy to clean up and resistant to heat and stains. However, it can be pricy to install and requires proper sealing maintenance.
  5. (Top image) Of course, this is the Interior Collective by Caesarstone and you betcha I’ll be talking about one of my favorite looks for the kitchen with some beautiful quartz. I love the look of quartz and the way it easily transitions into a variety of styles, whether it’s modern or classic. Once installed, it’s maintenance free. Though the cost can be a bit more, it’s worth it with the time you save in upkeep. Be sure to check out the rest of the blog for trend tips, design how-to’s and additional resources on Caesarstone quartz.

How to Choose the Right Countertops for You on the Interior CollectiveImages: (1) Ashley and Charlie; (2) Pavé; (3) Beach House Decorating; (4) Pixootle

What’s your favorite countertop choice?

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