How To Create a Gender-Neutral Nursery

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When it comes to creating a nursery, gender-neutral is the new norm. That’s because a gender-neutral space can be easily re-purposed for a new baby or can act as a blank slate if that nursery one day becomes an office or guest room.

Serena Dugan, mother of two and the chief creative officer of Serena and Lily, gave tips to new mom Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere in an interview on Schuman’s blog.

Her biggest tip for new parents when it comes to the nursery: Don’t feel restricted or allow yourself to be told what's appropriate for your nursery. Instead, follow your own aesthetic taste and intuition. Before diving into a color palette, however, she recommends deciding how you want the space to feel: calm and soothing vs. bright and vivacious, clean and modern vs. traditional. (Read the full Q&A on Cupcakes and Cashmere.)

With that in mind, we’ve curated our five favorite and inspiring gender-neutral nurseries.


Of all the different ways to create a neutral nursery, we couldn't help but have a few favorites. These five are ones we want in our own homes.


1. Balance of Bold & Neutral

Gender-Neutral Nursery -

2. Shades of Gray

Gender-Neutral Nursery -
(Photo via Sissy and Marley)
3. Whimsical Dreaminess
Gender-Neutral Nursery
 (Photo via Savvy Home

4. Bold Artwork

Gender-Neutral Nursery - (Photo via Spearmint Baby

5. Chic White & Taupe 

Gender-Neutral Nursery - via Sissy & Marley)

How Will You Style Your Nursery?

Whatever your newborn’s gender, remember to create a space that follows your style and aesthetic. And be sure to share your gender-neutral tips with us in the comments below!

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