How to Create a Unisex Bedroom for Your Kids

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Image: Dos Family

Though I am not a parent yet, I imagine a tough part of raising multiple kids is creating harmonious shared sleeping spaces. A well-designed space can certainly aid in achieving this harmony. If there are different genders involved, then the thought behind the design becomes even more important. Of course, you want both the boy and girl to express their natural selves, and to not stifle the other child. But how do we do that?! The following are some tips that I have for creating a harmonious unisex bedroom.

Use bold colors

Images: (Top Left) Dos Family, (Top Right) Dos Family, (Lower Left) Varpunen, (Lower Right) Ellen's Album

Use various bold colors throughout the space. Specifically, use a mix of warm and cool colors to add variety. Try shades of reds, oranges, blues, purples, and yellows combined with greens. The mix of cold and warm colors creates a spectrum that successfully reflects both boys and girls. This image shows some of my favorite mixed-color bedrooms. The bold colors stimulate the brain, and the various shades scream both boys and girls.

Use neutral colors

Images: (Top Left) Husligheter, (Top Right) Bed Toppings, (Lower Left) Pinterest, (Lower Right) Mommo Design

The opposite of using a mix of bold colors is limiting your color palette to neutral colors. In this case, I find that the most beautiful spaces are those that stick to a limited palette of one or two colors. These neutral colors include greys, whites, woods, and even blacks. It’s a simple solution to what can be a tricky situation.

Create an action wall

Images: (Top Left) Dos Family, (Top Right) Follow Pics, (Lower Left) Pinterest, (Lower Right) We Heart It

An action wall is a great solution to unite interests. It creates something that the kids can do together, and provides entertainment. The top image on the left shows a boy and girl who have a doodle wall. By encouraging the kids to draw (with marker!) on the wall, unity is ultimately created. The top left picture combines two work spaces for the children side by side. The bottom two pictures show chalkboard walls – these are perfect for both creating a neutral-colored space, and creating something to do.

Focus on the joint space

Images: Mommo Design

Combining two kids into one room is also an opportunity to use unique furniture. In this picture, not only do these bunk bed and loft spaces show various solutions to creating a shared space, but they also becoming the focal point of the room. Take advantage of the situation and create a furniture piece that highlights both kids within the space.

How do you create a great unisex bedroom? What have you found that works? Any tips?


  1. I really love these ideas, especially the bright bold colours, but what colours would be better in a very narrow room?

  2. great! genial! meraviglioso!

    thank you for inspiring! me too, I need a unisex room for my kids!!

  3. I am so loving the blackboards. Fun for the kids!

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