How to Include a Wine Wall in Your Home

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A new growing trend in home design that I’ve noticed is to plan and dedicate a space for your wine collection. Whether that be making room for a 12 bottle holder in your kitchen cabinets, or investing in a fully decked out, temperature controlled, wine cellar. Any wine enthusiast would agree, there’s always space in your home that can be converted to storage, and with so many different ways to store wine these days, the options are limitless. Take a look at some of these drool-worthy ideas:

Salt Interiors - Sleek Concrete & Pure White counters

One version I continue to see a ton of is the dining room wine wall. This can either be a wall mounted feature or surround by glass - typically they're installed in a common area to serve not only as a place to store wine, but as a conversation piece as well. I love how these homeowners tucked theirs under the stairs, taking advantage of an otherwise wasted space.

Selle Valley Construction, Inc.

Here’s another version, tucked next to the kitchen and complete with LED lighting and acrylic shelves!

Apartment - Hadar Yosef ,Tel Aviv

If you don’t have the space to dedicate to your collection, look to your cabinets or kitchen island. This wood toned cubby doesn’t take up much room, but is able to hold a decent amount of wine.


Cellars and temperature controlled rooms are best for those collectors serious about their wine. Enclosed rooms like these enable you to not only control the temperature, but the humidity levels and exposure to light as well, which can be nasty enemies to your wine.

Marc Michaels Interior Design - Lagos Blue counters

One of my personal favorites are the gravity-defying pegs that seem to suspend bottles in the air. I love the versatility - you can either install them so the bottle’s base is closest to the wall, only revealing the seal at the top like on this wall above, or you can install them so the bottle is arranged horizontally, showing off the label, like the display below.

Jae Omar Design

What will you do with your wine collection?

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