How to Make Your Bathroom More Guy-Friendly

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It’s a tale as old as time— for centuries the bathroom has been a battleground between Beauty and the Beast. Fighting over rights to a single sink or pointing fingers at who did or did not leave a toilet seat up or down are disputes best left to therapy professionals. Here are a few ideas to make just about any bathroom more guy friendly and to even out the playing field.

Streamline Everything

Image: Joshua McHugh for Architectural Digest

Stainless steel, glass and stone surfaces for your bathroom? Yes, please! But, even better than that, the serenity that comes from clean, uncluttered surfaces. These aren’t just uncluttered, they’re practically seamless, making for a truly restful, unfussy bath experience.

…or Go With Texture

Textured Celling
Image: Contemporist

Streamlined smooth surfaces are great, but not always possible. So allowing for smart use of texture can bring your bath up to snuff. This terrific example shows both concrete walls—always a favorite when it comes to amping up the tactile feel of a space—and a screened skylight, which provides visual texture. Bonus!


Image: Paul Warchol on 2 Modern Blog

This hint’s for those of you considering a renovation or building a new place. Dividing the tub and shower, if you’ve got the space for that, is another way to ensure a man-friendly bathroom. I don’t know anyone who likes having to step over the side of a bathtub to enter the shower, do you? While you’re planning that new bathroom, consider large louvered windows that let plenty of fresh air into the room like these—they’re are a big plus.

Everyone Wins!

Tiled Bathroom
Image: Jeff Andrews Design

Lastly, I’ve often wondered why every bathroom doesn’t include the simplest and most guy-friendly bath fixture ever invented: the urinal. So many of those discussions over the toilet seat would be a thing of the past when one of these is installed. Who needs a therapy professional after all?

How do you make your bathroom more guy friendly?

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