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Even though it’s been done many times before, today we’re creating a new spin on the whole “outfit as a room” concept. I have always thought that fashion and interiors were very closely related. I’m never surprised when I hear of an interior designer making their way into the fashion world or vice versa and I believe that’s because there are principles that apply when putting a successful fashion ensemble together just as there are to putting a successful room together. So today I want to generalize the “outfit to room” concept and take it down to the basics.

The Blazer of the Room

Blazer and Wallpaper
Images: (Right) Lolobu, (Left) Heart Fire At Home

Paint color, wallpaper, or wall paneling is often the first thing you notice in a room because of its placement and size. Likewise, outerwear is inevitably the first thing you see in an outfit, so it better be good. If you want what’s underneath to stand out, you keep the jacket neutral or solid but complimentary to your outfit, just as with a paint color when you want the furnishings to make the big statement. On the contrary, when you want the jacket/walls to be the star of the show, you play it up with patterns and texture while letting the rest of the outfit or room take a back seat.

The Pants of the Room

Pants and Sofa
Images: (Right) Blog Esther, (Left) Melissa Mercier

The pants of a fashion ensemble are key. They’re the sturdy part of the outfit that needs to hold up to wear and tear with all of the sitting, standing, dancing, walking, and stretching that occurs on a daily basis. Our pants must be accommodating, but they also must be stylish. Pants are the upholstery of a room. It gets the most use and needs to be functional, durable, and comfortable. Upholstery pieces can be given a whole new look with new pillows and lighting, just as a pair of trousers can go from day to night and casual to dressy with a quick change of shoes and a little more make up.

The Blouse of the Room

Blouse and Drapery
Images: (Right) Lolobu, (Left) Bolg Curtains

The blouse of your outfit makes the biggest statement of all. It informs all of the other components as to what type of outfit this is going to be: fancy, bohemian, retro, sophisticated, playful, boring, functional, classic, and the same goes for drapery and window treatments. We can go casual and relaxed with sheer white cotton drapery panels with no pleating, or we can go much more serious and sophisticated with silk embroidered French pleat panels.

The Shoes of the Room

Boots and Coffee Table
Images: (Right) Wendys Look Book, (Left) Blood and Champagne

Shoes are the coffee table of the room. They anchor the space and the outfit. Just as a pair of shoes can make or break your ensemble, the same rings true for a coffee table. A table that is too small or too serious in an otherwise casual, comfy family room can ruin the whole space just as a pair of shoes can when you wore black flats when you should have gone with red heels.

The Accessories of the Room

Bracelet Living Room Accessories
Images: (Right) Pinterest, (Left) Houzz

Accessories in an outfit are equal to accessories in a room. This comparison might be a bit more obvious than the others, but fun to analyze. If you have more of an eclectic style and like to mix things up with a variety of necklaces, bracelets and cocktail rings, chances are you’re the same way with interiors. Accessories are the finishing touches in both fields of design. They add an extra layer and a little bit of personality that wouldn’t exist otherwise. Using a lot or a little entirely depends on you, but my guess is that those who like to stack up bangles on their wrist also love stacks of home décor on their side tables. Likewise, clean cut, modern dressers will probably find one or two simple accessories on a furniture surface sufficient.

Next time you’re stumped when putting together an outfit or a room, try comparing it to the other and see if that gets your creative juices flowing!

Can you think of any other outfit to room comparisons?! Comment below and let us know!

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  1. The first 3 rooms are amazing! I could be so happy with all three and the fashion too!


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