In the Hood: Stylish Kitchen Vent Hoods

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Image: Jon Snyder for Dwell

It’s the overused, under-praised kitchen appliance. It can be quietly beautiful or stand out like a sore—and very noisy—thumb. It helps you rid the kitchen of unwanted smells. In my house, it often is what keeps our dog sane, since without it, the smoke detectors might be going off with greater frequency. It’s about time we took a look at how the utilitarian device known as the kitchen vent hood can help bring style to your kitchen.

Artful Minimalism

It’s almost a plus these days to have your cook top in the kitchen island, since it allows you to bring in one of a growing number of very stylish and minimal vent options. Or, on the other hand, to bring in none—with counter stove vents there’s no need for something hanging overhead. But, should you prefer to include a vent that makes a statement, like the one shown above—bringing function and enhancing the beauty of this kitchen renovation—you won’t be disappointed by the choices that are available.

Create a Shelf

In the Hood: Stylish Kitchen Vent Hoods

Image: Plastolux

This kitchen uses a similar vent hood as our first example, but mounted flush to the wall and extended to either side into a long stainless steel shelf. Perfect for a space with the kind of industrial vibe this one has.

DIY Standout

In the Hood: Stylish Kitchen Vent Hoods

Image: Lukas Machnik

Those super-sleek kitchen vent hoods shown in our first two images can get pricy, but you shouldn’t let your budget dictate the amount of style you can bring in; there are less-expensive options. The addition of some simple open framing and a DIY shelf to this wall-mounted vent hood brings an entirely different feeling to the piece. And it works beautifully with the room’s other elements.

Box it Up

In the Hood: Stylish Kitchen Vent Hoods

Image: Remodelista

Or take a cue from the vent hood installation shown here and enclose the whole unit in a flush-mounted box above your stove. It’s an elegant solution that could be used to hide any type of vent—so it can do all of its important work in peace.

Do you have a favorite stylish kitchen vent hood idea to share?

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