Incorporating Emerald Into Your Home

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Image: Objekt

Emerald is a color starting to take the center stage in the design scene. A rich color that required a few brave designers to break in, and now more homeowners and studios worldwide are starting to take note. Its bold presence is probably why I love this color so much. It is non-apologetic, and equally romantic. Here are a few ways to integrate emerald successfully into a space…

Black and white tile floors are a simple way to balance out this regal emerald bathtub, and prevent it from overpowering the small space. The visual balance and neutral colors leave room for the focal point color.

Incorporating Emerald Into Your Home

Image: Design Sponge

I don’t doubt that this emerald studded door would stop just about anyone in their tracks. This is an unexpected way to bring life to a hallway or front door, and a fun way to create a little mystery in your space. The possibilities of what you might discover behind an emerald door are endless!

Incorporating Emerald Into Your Home

Image: The Fig House by Emily Henderson

When emerald meets a lush velvety texture, it creates a majestic presence. It almost demands other colors in the room to follow suit. For instance, this arc sofa sits over deep jewel toned rugs, which creates a vivacious and inviting space without one overshadowing the other.

Incorporating Emerald Into Your Home

Image: Aphro Chic’s showhome on Apartment Therapy

This room is another brilliant pairing of bold colors supporting each other within an open space. The saturated textiles and wall hangings provide visual balance while the emerald sofa still remains front and center. The muted walls and natural light only contribute to the creative environment.

Incorporating Emerald Into Your Home

Image: Yellow Brick Home

A corner chair immediately glams up this guest room and invites the visitor to stay and curl up for a while. By having one statement wall accenting the chair, it creates dimension, character, and a stylish twist to the home.

Incorporating Emerald Into Your Home

Image: Objekt

One of the most audacious ways to incorporate emerald into your home is through wallpaper or paint from floor to ceiling. With the hallway kept clear and clean with nothing but a patterned runner, it feels open and alive!

Would you invite emerald to come live in your home? 

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  1. Wow, emerald makes any room look so elegant. Loved this post, definitely one of my favourite round-ups!

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