Interior Designs Inspired By Prabal Gurung's Clothing Line

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If you head to your nearest Target, you might notice a section of near-empty racks and shelves in the women’s department. This can be attributed to the nearly sold-out collaboration between famed fashion designer Prabal Gurung and Target. Bright, fun, and flirty, the collection may not suit everyone, but it does offer inspiration to enliven your interiors.

Prabal’s designs are perfectly on trend - mixing his edgy aesthetic with a modern take on feminine themes. Elements include abstract patterns and bright colors, with black accents tying everything together. When using fashion as inspiration, I recommend incorporating and tailoring such elements instead of a literal translation. Here are some examples:

Element 1: Abstract prints and patterns

The collection offers varied prints and patterns. Prabal’s twist on florals is commonly found in wallpapers and textiles while his more abstract patterns are easily re-imagined as artwork. Abstract art looks great in any room, whether traditional or modern, and offer high impact with minimal effort.

Abstract Prints and PatternsArt by Erin Cooper of Pippin & Pearl closely resembles the print in Prabal’s shirt dress. Just find a wall and hang!

Element 2: An intriguing color story

From fiery red to tranquil blue, bold hues are the centerpiece of the collection. You’ll immediately notice the use of what Prabal calls Sulphur Spring, more commonly known as acid or cool yellow. This color and others like it are being used more frequently in design. I consider them a modern alternative to pastels - not quite neon, but definitely eye-catching!
Another chapter of Prabal’s color story pairs shades of blue with bright coral or red. Blue works well for wall color; and with so many options, there is truly a blue for every taste. Add coral or red accents for contrast, whether in accessories, floor coverings, or window treatments.

Prabal Gurung Target Inspired Design - ColorJonathan Adler adds zing to a dining room with cool yellow and bright blue.Prabal Gurung Target Inspired Design

More yellow dining chairs, this time framed by blue, upholstered doors. Lovely!

Element 3: Black Accents

Adding black to ground a space is a general rule of thumb for many interior designers. It can also enhance the level of sophistication as well as tie together varying patterns and palettes. Like abstract art, this element is easy to incorporate. And every room can benefit from a touch of black!

Prabal Gurung Target Inspired Designs - Black AccentsA blue entry hall with black and reddish accents reflect elements found in Look 13.

Prabal Gurung Target Inspired Designs - Black Accents

This lovely moment incorporates many of our elements – the abstract pattern of the artwork, beautiful blue walls, coral-like drapes, and a black accent chair.

With spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to redecorate. Will any of these elements make their way into your space?

Image Sources: Photo 1: (Left) Target, (Right) Pippin & Pearl; Photo 2: (Left)Target, (Right) House Beautiful; Photo 3: Joanna Henderson; Photo 4: (Left) Target, (Right) Elle Decor; Photo 5: Justin Officer.


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