Interiors Inspired by Gowns at the Oscars

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Whether you watch the Oscars or not, it's hard to miss the updates of what guests wore down the red carpet. The red carpet mania makes me think of The Hunger Games when contestants presented themselves before an audience, complete with stylists and assistants. I tend to prefer those who mix it up a bit and go crazy (remember Bjork’s swan dress? Or Cher’s Vegas showgirl number?). Sadly, this year there were no crazies, but there were some beautiful hues that would be stunning and dramatic looks for the home. Let’s take a look!

Salma Hayak’s black and gold

Salma Hayak's Black and Gold

This is one of my favorite combinations. The ornateness of Hayak’s collar detailing is reflected in the ornateness of the gold accents in the interior. Gold adds instant elegance and sophistication to what could be a plain black interior.

Charlize Theron’s minimalist white

Charlize Theron's Minimalist White

Contrast Hayak’s decadence to Charlize Theron’s minimalist white number. The peplum adds a dash of femininity to what could be a simple white silhouette. The central triangle cut out adds a peak of interest (pun intended) and works with negative space, just as the kitchen cut out plays with the negative space.

Jennifer Garner’s romantic plum

Jennifer Garner's Romantic Plum

Jennifer Garner looked lovely in all plum with a feminine bustle. The softness of the bustle is reflected in the corresponding plum dining room. The furniture pieces are romantic and soft. The chandelier finishes off the room, just as the necklace completes the ensemble.

Reese Witherspoon’s cobalt blue

Reese Witherspoon's Cobalt Blue

Reese looked lovely in a dramatic blue gown with a touch of black at the top. The corresponding blue room receives the same black accents, creating a stunning and enticing interior.

What did you think of the Oscar choices this year? Boring or brilliant?

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  1. Beautiful gowns, gorgeous color, great use of color in the rooms. And as much as I love color I am still in love with white- Charlize Theron- well done!

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