Introducing Statuario Nuvo

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Caesarstone is proud to introduce a luxurious new addition to our Classico line of quartz surfaces. Statuario Nuvo is a refined interpretation of Statuario marble, which has been prized by architects and artists since the days of the Roman Empire. Our take on Statuario is a creamy white background delicately threaded with dark veins on both the surface and subsurface levels for added depth and richness.

The word “marble” is taken from the Greek word “marmaros”, translated roughly as “shining stone”, which is an apt way to describe the sparkling beauty of the material and the magnificent effect it imparts. Like its inspiration, Statuario Nuvo has a warming effect on any space, even when the rest of the décor is either neutral or dark, as seen in this sparely designed kitchen.

Your home is your castle and Statuario Nuvo is made for masterpieces. Statuario marble is sought-after for its distinctive grey veins, which Caesarstone has faithfully re-created with Statuario Nuvo. The color is perfectly suited for heavily trafficked rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms as it has the opulence and luminosity of marble without any of the latter material’s tendency to chip and stain.

Statuario Nuvo is also ideal for bathrooms, providing generous warmth and light that blends with any design style. Though you probably associate marble bathrooms with Baroque palaces, Statuario Nuvo can be used to strike a good balance between ultra-luxe and basically beautiful. In this modern bathroom, we see Statuario Nuvo serving as a neutral yet bright backdrop for the minimalist décor and fixtures. We love how balanced this design is, as well as the way the color variation in the surface quartz both pulls together and enhances the palette.

With Statuario Nuvo, Caesarstone has captured all the beauty of the most sought-after marble on earth in durable, scratch-and-stain-resistant quartz surface. No matter where or how you use it, Statuario Nuvo lends timeless elegance to any space.

Visit the Caesarstone website for more information on Statuario Nuvo and our Classico collection.

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