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Deciding the color palette of your new home can feel overwhelming: do you go with bold, bright colors or more refined neutrals? A pop of color in an accent piece can go a long way in brightening up a room, so long as you balance it out with complementary neutral tones. Determining what’s “in” right now can seem like a daunting task, but it’s important to remember that some trends are simply classics, and are here to stay.

In this week’s KBTribeChat we dive into which colors are trending in 2018, and which are timeless. Design experts from around the world joined the conversation to give their input on the big question: color or neutral?   

When it comes to the bathroom, what inspires you – spaces layered in neutral hues or spaces that makes a statement with bold color?

We are all about bringing lively color into a space: it can generate new life and vibrancy. The 2018 Pantone Color of the Year Ultra Violet is bold and gorgeous, and the perfect accent color for backsplashes, rugs, and shower curtains alike.

5100 Vanilla Noir

What about bathroom surfaces specifically – e.g., vanities and shower surrounds? Do you prefer to “go neutral” or opt for surfaces with a pop of color?

When we’re using a bold color or pattern on the walls, we like to keep the shower and vanities neutral to highlight the intensity of the paint. This allows us to strike a delicate balance between vibrant and sophisticated.

Design: Melissa Lenox Design | Image: Katie Charlotte Photography | 2141 Blizzard

Thinking about the kitchen now. What are the best ways to bring color into a kitchen without overwhelming the space?

Accent pieces like red stand mixers, turquoise ceramic pots and bright orange ovens are a perfect way to bring color into the kitchen. If you pair these pieces with cool-toned white countertops and walls, you’ll have a Pinterest-worthy kitchen in no time.

Design: RS Mannino | 5131 Calacatta Nuvo

What about adding color (and movement) through pattern – e.g., patterned countertops and backsplashes. What patterns are trending at the moment?

Add movement to your kitchen with our Himalayan Moon countertops. The fluid combination of black, beige, and cocoa-brown is hard to beat.

 6611 Himalayan Moon

Black is a timeless, sophisticated neutral. Are you seeing black used in the kitchen and bath? 

We’re obsessed with this timeless trend. Black countertops are sleek, edgy and sophisticated. At Caesarstone, we make sure your countertops are not only stunning, but maintainable as well. A bit of soap and water does the trick to keep our beautiful quartz in tip-top shape.  

Design: CAGE Design Build | 4003 Sleek Concrete & 3100 Jet Black

What hues do you think will be most important in kitchens and bathrooms as we move into 2019?

We think bold colors are here to stay! So long as you balance out strong accent pieces and walls with complementary neutrals, you’re golden.

Poke Me Restaurant | 4033 Rugged Concrete

Share photos of your favorite kitchens and baths, and tell us why you love them!

We’re loving this bold, blue kitchen from Charmean Neithart Interiors. Pairing it with our London Grey countertops provides contrast without overwhelming the eye.

Design: Charmean Neithart Interiors | Image: Erika Bierman Photography | 5000 London Grey


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