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This week’s KBTribeChat was all about health and well-being. Designers from around the world shared how they integrate wellness into their kitchen designs. Many contributors stressed the importance of using lighting in the kitchen in order to create an inspiring and positive space.

Design Tip: An easy way to brighten your kitchen is to add lights underneath your cabinets.

Health and wellness isn’t just about making sure your kitchen has ample lighting, however. It is important to design your space with environmentally friendly products that are low in VOC emissions. In this post, we explore all of the ways people promote health and wellness in their kitchens.

What kind of design image does the term wellness inspire in the kitchen? 

Wellness makes us think of spaces that are bright, clean and easy to maintain, like this design by JRP Design and Remodel, Inc. The white cabinets give this kitchen a modern feel—and not to mention tons of storage—while the accents of orange keep the space fun and energetic.

Design: JRP Design and Remodel | 5003 Piatra Grey 

How does the design of the kitchen ease the burden of preparing fresh food? Do you find usefulness in things like sinks with accessories and herb savers?

Prepping food can be messy, which is why we like to have low maintenance countertops. In most cases, all it takes is a bit of soap or mild detergent and hot water to make your Caesarstone countertops sparkle. If necessary, you can use common, non-abrasive household cleaners like  Soft Scrub Liquid Gel with Bleach directly on a sponge or damp cloth—just be sure to rinse the surface thoroughly after cleaning.

Design: JRP Design and Remodel | 5003 Piatra Grey

Lighting has a major effect on our sense of well being. Please share any kitchen related lighting ideas.

We like to keep the walls and cabinets a light color and then use bold accent pieces like the whimsical chandelier and textured backsplash used in this design from Stella Interiors.

Design: Stella Interiors| 5111 Statuario Nuvo 

Do you find yourself looking for the healthiest choices in materials? Are you considering the VOC emissions when determining the performance of a product? What are some of your favorite products when thinking about “healthy kitchens” and why?

We want to help make the world a greener place—one piece of quartz at a time! We’re the first quartz surfacing company to receive ISO 14001 and 9001  Environmental Management Systems certification. This also means we have low VOC emissions.

5220 Dreamy Marfil

Do you think of living in place or aging in place concepts when you think of wellness? What design features and specialty appliances, tech or gadgets do you find work best for people of any ability?

Put your vitamins and protein powders on display with open shelving! We love this design from Chad Esslinger Design. Open shelving opens up the space and encourages us to keep our kitchen items clean and organized.

Design: Chad Esslinger Design | 4004 Raw Concrete  Perimeter | 4001 Fresh Concrete Island

Less clutter generally creates more peace of mind. Show your best storage solutions for ease of use.

Add shelves and cabinets to your kitchen island for easy storage space. Don’t worry, your storage secret is safe with us!

Design: Sebring Design Build | 5110 Alpine Mist

Technology that counts your steps, calories and other health-related features is everywhere. How do you see tech playing a role in the kitchen?

From steam ovens to fridges that tell you when you’re running low on coffee, there are so many uses for technology in the kitchen! Back in 2017, we partnered with the Industrial Design department at Pratt Institute to consider the changes and challenges that technology will bring to design. Led by New York-based architect and designer Marc Thorpe, the team worked on creating and exhibiting a kitchen of the future at WantedDesign NYC. Check out our blog post, the Future Kitchen: Creating the Kitchen of 2050, to learn more about it.

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