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If modern design had a tagline, it would be “Less is more.” From open floor plans to clean lines, modern design favors minimal, uncluttered spaces with smooth, strong lines and artistic flair. During this week’s #KBTribeChat we discussed the aesthetic, sharing our favorite elements of modern design with the design community.

Design: Avenue Design | 1141 Pure White

What is your favorite element of modern design?

We’re currently crushing on waterfall islands. This modern element elevates the island from strictly functional to a sleek statement piece and focus for the entire kitchen. Not to mention, the clean and crisp lines evoke a sense of purpose and order and accentuate symmetry and balance.

Design: Blue Flag Development | 5000 London Grey

What is the most important aspect of modern design in kitchens?

Creating a space that still feels warm and inviting, not cold and lifeless – after all, the kitchen is the heart of the home! Blending modern design with other styles make for a space that’s sleek, but not sterile. Pops of color warm the space, as do big windows. And the right countertop is key!

Photo: Louis Roe | 5031 Statuario Maximus

Metals are more diverse and popular than ever in kitchens and baths. What are some of best ways you’ve seen metal used in modern design?

Mixed metals are having a huge moment right now. Brass is back, stainless steel will never leave, and many others are being explored – and we encourage it! Gold accents and hardware are a pleasant surprise in bathroom design, since we so often see chrome or stainless steel. We love the brushed effect Louis Roe used in her bathroom renovation, featuring Statuario Maximus counters.

Design: DLUX Design & Company| 1141 Pure White

What is a must-have for modern design in bathrooms?

Clean lines, seamless transitions, and functional design are the heart of modern bathroom design. Skip complicated patterns and ornate details in favor of polished designs that create an effortless finish. Added bonus: Clean lines create the illusion of a pristine bathroom.

Design: Port + Quarter, Kyla Ray | Cabinetry: Sherwood Cabinetry | Photography: Gabriel Hall

White will always be a mainstay of modern design, but what colors do you see as on-trend right now?

Blues and grays are definitely having their moment in modern design – it’s fresh, pairs well with a number of finishes, and achieves the warm and welcoming feeling necessary for modern design. It’s also a great color if you want to make a statement without stepping too far out of your comfort zone.


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