Living Well With Only 350 Square Feet

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Image: Enjoy Home

Whether to simplify one’s lifestyle, reduce expenses, or call a hip neighborhood home, micro-apartments are becoming more and more popular. Here are a few small space tips from a tiny, but well-appointed home that makes the most of 350 square feet.

Invest in Tech

What this apartment lacks in space, it more than makes up for in audio, visual, and lighting goodies. Barely noticeable, a movie screen is tucked away into the ceiling while surround sound speakers are blended into the wall color. The home also has a combination of black track and pendant lighting, which add a striking, yet functional, design element.

Conceal the Kitchen

Micro Apartment Dining
Image: Enjoy Home

Open-concept kitchens are great, but in such tight quarters, concealment may be the better option. When food prep is done, this kitchen can be hidden away with the pull of a shutter, leaving behind a stunning wall of teak cabinetry.

Rethink Multifunctional

Micro Apartment Table
Image: Enjoy Home

Multifunctional furniture doesn’t necessarily have to transform, tuck, and contort to serve its purpose. Instead it can merely have more than one function, like this apartment’s lovely kitchen island/dining table/work space. The piece is substantial (no folding away into a remote corner) and serves as the heart of the home. Oh, and it offers storage. Multi-functionality at its best!

Increase Transparency

Micro Apartment Door Bedroom
Image: Enjoy Home

Keep the natural light flowing with transparent or semi-transparent room dividers. This apartment uses a glass-paned wall and door to create a cozy sleeping nook. Not only does it increase visual space, but it also welcomes morning sunshine—the perfect wake-up call.

Create a “Bed” Room

Speaking of sleeping, this home’s bedroom is dedicated to just that! You’ll find nothing extraneous in this tiny space, just a bed, simple shelving, and a few well-placed accessories. After all, bedrooms should be a tranquil place for resting. How much space does that really need?

Wherever Possible, Go Custom

Micro Apartment Bathroom
Image: Enjoy Home

This bathroom’s small size called for some clever design solutions, including a custom concrete tub. Custom furniture and fixtures may be more expensive, but they ensure that every inch is maximized. For example, this tub perfectly fits the allotted square footage, while offering a large enough depth for soaking.

Remember, small space living is all about innovative thinking. What’s your favorite small space tip?

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