Living with Industrial Steel Windows and Doors

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A couple of my closest friends just moved into a beautiful new contemporary home last week. The architect/builder is relatively new on the scene here in Austin, but has already developed a design signature – the front doors of all of his homes are unique. My friends’ house features a huge wooden slab door that pivots open. The same architect designed another large pivoting front door for a house he built nearby, only that door is made entirely of steel and glass. The use of industrial steel and glass windows and doors is a favorite design choice of mine. Let’s look at why.

They’re Timeless

Living with Industrial Steel Windows and Doors

Image: Remodelista

Industrial steel and glass windows and doors give a timeless look to any décor. In the beautifully designed kitchen above, the focal point is the window-and-door combination in the far wall. Is that a feature original to the building? If so, the building could be 100 years old or older; these types of doors and windows have been around for that long!

They’re Utilitarian

Living with Industrial Steel Windows and Doors

Image: A Concept Life

These windows are tough—they are made of steel, after all— and when properly cared for can last multiple lifetimes. Steel windows like the above allow for plenty of ventilation. This pivoting window design was used throughout the public schools I grew up attending; were they in yours?

They’re Stylish

Living with Industrial Steel Windows and Doors

Image: Design To Inspire

No matter what type of interior design you prefer, steel and glass windows and doors seem to work. They are right at home in this contemporary living space, and would be a great solution in just about any décor.

They Add Visual Interest

Living with Industrial Steel Windows and Doors

Your home will stand out from the crowd when you incorporate this style of windows and doors into it. I’m so drawn to both the practical and the decorative nature of these and will definitely look for a way to include them in my next house.

Are you currently living with steel windows and doors? What has been your experience with them?

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