Making A Splash In The Kitchen: How To Choose A Gorgeous Tiled Backsplash

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There are so many ways to bring creativity into the design of your kitchen, but even if you’ve decided to play it safe with conservative choices for your cabinets and countertops, the kitchen backsplash is one place where almost anyone can feel free to inject a bit of personality. Some tile stores offer hundreds of kitchen backsplash tile options and the selection is enough to inspire anyone, so don’t be afraid to dive in! If the choices seem overwhelming, here are a few tips for choosing your perfect kitchen backsplash.

Take a look at the trends

When it comes to interior design for kitchens, most people tend to lean toward clean, quiet and classic. This makes sense: there’s something quite traditional about the very nature of a kitchen, and since a new kitchen often represents a major investment, there’s resale value to think about. But trends have their place. Even if you don’t go all-out in the very latest style, a subtle nod to new ideas can add a real freshness to your kitchen. A tile backsplash is the ideal place to let your love for novel ideas run wild: in fact tiles in general have shown up on many “hottest trends for kitchens” lists this year!

Color counts

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This year we’re seeing a real shift towards embracing strong colors. The neutrals and pastels that have been the mainstays of kitchen tile for many years are giving way to rich tones like scarlet, deep blue, and spicy mustards. If you want to stay flexible and versatile with your color scheme, you can always add a brighter color as an accent, while keeping the rest of the tiles a bit more quiet. If at all possible, we think playing with color is one of the most fulfilling parts of backsplash design. A bold splash of tangerine, a calm scheme of greens and blues, a cool slate grey or a fresh hot pink: your choices are limited only by your imagination.

Mix it up

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While monochromatic backsplashes can make a real statement, you’re not limited to one or even two tile choices. Glass is an incredible material, capable of so many textures, effects, and shapes. From tiny squares to imposing brick shapes to ornate centerpieces, tiles can be mixed, matched, and played off of one another to create millions of one-of-kind combinations. Mosaics which incorporate mixed-media arrangements of stones, glass gems, and mirrors add a real sense of life to a kitchen. Think about bringing together compliments and contrasts for an element of surprise.

Allow for lighting

Kitchen lighting is simultaneously the most overlooked and the most influential factor in designing your ideal decor. Lighting and reflections can completely change the look and feel of a tile. What seems warm and inviting in one light may look oppressive in another. The pearly blush of iridescent glass tiles only comes to life when properly lit, otherwise it will recede into flatness. Consider bringing samples of your favorite tiles home for a test run in their real-world environment before you commit.

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Don’t forget function

At the end of the day, no matter how decorative your splashback may be, it serves a vital role in the kitchen: to catch messes as they happen. If the backsplash shows every speck and fingerprint, requires constant polishing, or is difficult to clean or maintain, it won’t add to your enjoyment. Ask questions about the care of your favorite tiles, grouting required and their overall durability.

Don’t forget that the most important factor in choosing your backsplash is to go with what you really love. More than ever, the kitchen is the heart of the home, where families gather to cook, catch up about the day, do homework and pay bills. Researchers recently estimated that the average time spent in the kitchen adds up to three years over a lifetime, so you want to be surrounded with colors and designs which uplift and inspire you.

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