Meet the New 2018 Colors from Caesarstone

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When it comes to interiors, the right surfaces can make all the difference. From the countertops in your kitchen to the vanities in your bathroom, your home should be a reflection of you. Caesarstone makes this easy with its array of quartz colors and collections – and now, there’s even more options to choose from with the arrival of the new 2018 colors. The new arrivals bring a bold and fresh look to the surface that is sure to make you feel right at home.

The seven new colors bring a luxurious albeit effortless beauty to any space with blends of deep auburns, peppering greys and accented whites. Oh la la! But these new additions are so much more than just surface-level beauty (no pun intended). They’ve got brawns, too.  Like all Caesarstone quartz, these surfaces are durable, lasting and stain and scratch resistant - as all good counters should be.

Let’s meet the beauties…

Excava 4046

Deep auburns, chestnuts and coppers sweep across Excava’s unpolished canvas. Veer off the beaten path with a new style for your kitchen – or any other room for that matter! The swirling accents introduce a unique, contemporary element.

Cloudburst Concrete 4011

Can we say kitchen goals? The soft swells of pure white veil a creamy white base as rich tones and an innovative texture further define its captivating, infinite beauty. The high-end countertop is ideal for any island-styled kitchen.

Topus Concrete 4023

Rich shades of buttermilk veil a cream-toned base creating a multi-layered effect. If you’re looking to spice up your kitchen, Topus Concrete brings a fresh new look to any design.

Frozen Terra 4601

A classic, neutral-colored white base is embellished by glimmers of black basalt and translucent grey quartz. The accented surface is a breath of fresh air.

Airy Concrete 4044

Speaking of fresh air – meet Airy Concrete. A calm grey base enriched by lively clouds of white and dark grey capture the essence of the interface between water and air pulling the gravity of waves to the surface. Airy Concrete offers the perfect amount of grey if you’re looking for a minimal, modern look.

Intense White 6011

Intense in the best way possible, this white exudes an elegant, contemporary style. The petite crystallines softly embellish a bright white base welcoming light into a room, setting the tone for a sophisticated space with a radiant atmosphere.

Flannel Grey 4643

A simple, clean, and minimalistic look, Flannel Grey will transform your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room -  every and any room. The dark grey accents swirl across a soothing medium heather grey base.


Can’t get enough? Continue exploring the new colors here!

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