Menswear-Inspired Looks for Your Home

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Image: Douglas Friedman for Architectural Digest

I have a real love for rooms that are well tailored: they exemplify terrific use of space, with little clutter and just the right pieces of furniture. They also display a certain formality in style—without being stuffy or uptight. Some actually go so far as to use some tried and true tropes of men’s fashion to add to that tailored look. If that’s an idea that appeals to you, keep reading; in this post I’m looking at menswear inspiration for your décor.

Blue Suit and White Shirt

There’s nothing like a suit in a handsome shade of serious blue coupled with a crisp, white dress shirt to make just about any guy ready for the public. This look is translated so well in the living room above—a space which, no coincidence here, is owned by a man who designs men’s clothing. The blues of the sofa fabric and the fireplace are offset by the clean white of the walls. There are even leather chairs in both brown and black, so you can take your pick of which you’d prefer to represent dress shoes.

Menswear-Inspired Looks for Your Home on the Interior CollectiveImage: Tariq Dixon for TRNK

Shirt Fabric and Soft Grey

Using striped shirt fabric on throw pillows is a great way to introduce a menswear look to your space. Paired as they are here with a soft grey fabric (and reminiscent of tweed or flannel), they give off a relaxed and subtle vibe. The pinstripes in the artwork provide another nod to men’s fashion.

Menswear-Inspired Looks for Your Home on the Interior CollectiveImage: The Style Index

Plenty of Pinstripes

Whether used as wallpaper or upholstery, you can never go wrong when using the pinstripe pattern as your homage to manly fashion. Pinstripes are guaranteed to spruce up any décor.

Menswear-Inspired Looks for Your Home on the Interior CollectiveImage: Brandon Barre on Decoholic

Rock & Roll

Finally, there’s no reason your menswear-inspired space shouldn’t also show a more playful side. This office uses leather, silk, and a crocodile pattern in the desk to add fun while still emulating the look and feel of a leather jacket, including a pocket square and crocodile accessories. Menswear can be a mixture of work and play, and so should your home.

Are you ready to bring a menswear-inspired look into your home?

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