Metallic Mania: Decorating with Gold, Silver, and Copper

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In the world of interior design, metallics are having their moment. The shimmer, shine, and texture of metals make them a unique element in home decor. While decorating with metals is certainly on trend, their timelessness makes them easy to incorporate into a variety of styles that are sure to last.


Gold is a classic metal that oozes elegance and class. However, it can quickly become overdone and gaudy, which is why people often avoid it when decorating their homes. At the moment, gold has returned to the design spotlight, and I love that this time around it's being used in small, impactful ways that embrace its warm tones and regal character. Here are some of the most stunning uses of gold in home decor.

Decorating with Gold, Silver, and Copper


Mounted Deer: Nothing makes your mounted taxidermy shine like a gold finish, ZGallerie

Pouf: A shimmery pouf will add a touch of glamour to any room, Imports from Marrakesh

Glassware: This carafe and glassware would be the star of any bar or tea cart, Design Within Reach

Chair: The antique lines and soft color of the chair are made modern by a simple gold cross, Anthropologie (past season)

Pillow: This throw pillow is a great example of how gold adds a little whimsy is a quiet way, Layla Grace

Wallpaper: The small gold dots that adorn this wallpaper are fun and funky, Good Regards


Silver is a timeless metal with a mirror-like quality that makes it easy to incorporate into any home decor. It's an understated, cooler metal that rarely takes center stage, but when it does, it can be magical. The versatility of this metal makes it interesting to work with because it has many distinct finishes. The shiny,, polished sterling finish is sleek and glamorous, while the burnished, nickel-like finish tends to be warmer and softer. Here are some of my favorite uses of silver in interior decorating.

Decorating with Gold, Silver, and Copper


Serving Cart: Serving carts (and bar carts) are one of the best furniture pieces to own because they make entertaining elegant and easy, Williams-Sonoma

Pillow: This shiny pillow is full of modern class, Zara Home (past season)

Telephone: This vintage-inspired telephone is brimming with character, Liberty London

Penny Tile: The polished finish on these penny tiles creates a shiny glow that becomes a show-stopping focal point, Ann Sacks

Pendant Lighting: The gourd-inspired shape of these simple pendants makes them interesting enough to stand alone or bundle together for a chic organic look, Calabash

Raindrop Tumbler: Tiny silver raindrops adorn this sweet tumbler creating a shimmery glow, Moorea Seal


Copper is a beautiful metal to incorporate into home decor because it's soft and versatile. It's different from other metallics because despite being a strong, durable metal, there's nothing hard about its look - its warm color and supple nature make it easy to mix with a variety of colors and textures. And although it's full of "old world" sensibilities and character, it's gorgeous in modern decor. Here are some of my favorite coppers in interior design.

Decorating with Gold, Silver, and Copper


Copper Pendant Lighting: Bundling these simple pendants together creates a bouquet of incredible lighting, Tom Dixon

Sink: This copper sink is reminiscent of an oversized bathtub, but its true beauty comes through in a much more subtle way, Rohl Home

Faucet: The simplicity and warm tone of this copper faucet help those stunning tiles shine, Made a Mano

Candelabra: This gorgeous, U-shaped candle holder is modern and sleek, making it work seamlessly with a variety of decors, Minimalux

Are you comfortable with including metallics in your home decor? Do you have a favorite metal you use in decorating? Tell me all about the metals in your home in the comments!

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