Microwave Madness: Creative Homes for the Microwave Oven

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Image: Better Homes and Gardens

Ah, the microwave oven—where would we be without it? It’s one of those indispensible kitchen appliances that are taken for granted in the modern home. But sometimes kitchens can’t accommodate the many conveniences that today’s gadgets provide. Let’s face it, there isn’t always enough counter space for all that great gear—and microwaves aren’t small. So let’s look at some ideas that help to clear that monster off your counters.

On a Low Shelf

As shown above, if you’re able to use a low shelf in your kitchen to store your microwave—even if it’s only for in between uses—that can be a great solution. It’s out of the way but accessible when needed. In this location, it practically disappears. A built-in shelf at the end of a kitchen island works especially well.

On a Floating Shelf

Microwave Madness: Creative Homes for the Microwave Oven

Image: Glo

Try adding a floating shelf to an open wall in your kitchen—preferably, one with an electrical outlet. This can be a terrific way to get the microwave oven off of your precious countertop real estate. It also helps give the illusion that the microwave is more of a built-in appliance; if that’s important to your décor plan.

In the Pantry

Microwave Madness: Creative Homes for the Microwave Oven

Image: A Tree Lined Street

This pantry has so many smart ideas: from the pull-out shelving (you might call them big drawers!) to the sliding barn door, there’s plenty to be learned here. But my favorite thing about this design is the choice to include space for the microwave oven. It’s completely useable yet out of the way.

As Part of an Appliance Wall

Microwave Madness: Creative Homes for the Microwave Oven

Image: Remodelista

If you’re in need of a highly organized kitchen for a small space, this appliance wall may be just the solution you’ve been looking for. With the uniform use of stainless steel, these items seem to fade from view. The microwave oven becomes part of the overall design and does not stand out. More importantly, it’s not taking up space on a counter.

Where does your microwave oven live?

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