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Hi everyone.  This is Coco of COCOCOZY blog here on Interior Collective today.

Million dollar real estate listings are all the rage these days.  Touring high end homes on television and in magazines for design inspiration and getting a glimpse of the luxurious life has become a sport.  I am sure at some point in your life you have wondered how the uber uber wealthy live.  You probably imagined expensive well decorated houses, fast cars, shiny jewelry, a dazzling social life, red carpet events, jet setting around the world.  Those are the typical things most of Americans might wonder about the lifestyle of the top 1% earners in the U.S.   Right?

I am going to take these million dollar musings one step further.  Have you ever wondered where the rich and the famous bathe?  I am sure you have not. Well I have!  I really do wonder about the baths in high end homes from time to time.  Why you might ask? For inspiration.   From a design perspective I like to see what materials are used, the floor plan and  layout, the finishes, the fixtures,  the amenities and more.

In today's post, I picked 6 bathrooms from multi million dollar homes for sale for your viewing pleasure.  Which one is your favorite?

$70,000,000; NYC, NY - Bath style: Classic Elegance 

(Via Sothebys Homes)

$50,000,000; NYC, NY - Bath style: Bold Masculine

(Via Sothebys Homes)

$27,500,000; Bel Air, CA - Bath style: Modern Zen

(Via The Agency)

$26,000,000; Southampton, NY - Bath style: Chic Cabin

$16,500,000; Los Angeles, CA - Bath style: Urban Cool

$12,500,000; NYC, NY - Bath style: Basic Beauty

My favorites are Classic Elegance and Modern Zen.  Great bathrooms.  Now I just need to find a $100 million to buy them!

Would love to hear what you think!

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