Modern Homes Inspired by Countries Around the World

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Everybody has a different background and a fun way to show it is through their home decor. But you don't have to completely disregard modern styles in order to have a home inspired by your favorite country. Here are eight homes that have let different countries inspire their decor.


(Photo via This is Glamorous)

The classic white French architecture of this home is complemented perfectly with black modern furniture. The two are almost complete opposites, but when put together make the perfect combination.


(Photo via Skona Hem)

The decor in this home is without a doubt, modern. What makes it cool and Italian inspired, is the home itself. It's almost as if this is what a modern Italian castle would look like today.



(Photo via Houzz - Lewis | Schoeplein Architects)

The clean lines of this home are beautifully accentuated with a colorful tile, making it feel Moroccan in style.


(Photo via Vibeke Design)

Scandinavian style is known for being clean and simple. The Hardanger style curtain, the sheepskin, the throw that looks like a sweater, and the star lamp, although it is mainly used at Christmastime, all are beautiful and simple ways that instantly make this home look Norwegian.

South Africa

(Photo via Pinterest)

You can keep a home feeling fresh and modern while still using your accessories or souvenirs straight from South Africa. A good way to make sure everything flows together well is to coordinate the color scheme.


(Photo via decoist)

This bathroom is very simple when you only look at the actual bathroom fixtures. What makes it so cool is the Japanese style zen garden they have added. The plants and design are not complex, but they instantly make you feel like you're in Japan.


(Photo via Style Files)

This room not only feels inspired by Mexico, but it also merges retro with modern. That seems like an oxymoron, but by mixing accessories like the modern flower pots with a retro inspired chair and colors, you get a room that is a modern, retro Mexico. Seems odd, but actually works perfectly here.


(Photo via Stoudtburg Village)

You don't just have to make the inside of your house look inspired by a country. Try painting the outside of your house a fun color with detailed trim and you could instantly look like your house was lifted out of Germany.

What country inspires your home decor?

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