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Source: Milestone Building Pty Ltd

Are you of those people who feel that the bathroom is one of the most important spaces in the house? An in-house sanctuary to rejuvenate, recharge and relax? If so, what do you do to transform this room into an actual heaven on earth? And I don’t mean design-wise. Sure, that is important as well, but there are also many other details one can utilize to bring a soothing and welcoming vibe that is both practical and easy to implement even in the smallest of spaces.

Source: Milestone Building Pty Ltd


1. The Pampering: Soaps, lotions, creams, minerals and all those beauty products that clean, smoothen and protect your body and soul. Extra tip: pick a series that satisfies your sense of smell.

2. The Sheen: A touch of sparkle in a bathroom can take the design many miles away- this can come from a beautiful selection of vanity accessories. Extra tip: Pay attention to your needs and size of vanity to avoid overcrowding the area.

3. The Blooms: Really can’t think of any space that a small bouquet of blooms won’t make it prettier. Extra tip: Try high quality faux flowers if your bathroom lacks daylight.

4. The Softness: A plush set of towels and a cushy bathrobe is a must for a spa like charmness. Needless to say, the softer the better. Extra tip: Consider personalisation for that extra touch of glam

5. The Aroma: A lit scented candle will not only add a perfect touch of essence in a bathroom but also a warm and cozy ambience. Extra tip: Keep a pretty box of matches next to the candle to complete the look and help with the use

Sconces: Devon Sconce, Polished Nickel

Vanity: Union Square 48''W Single Vanity

Mirror: Newport Wall Mirror

Source: Milestone Building Pty Ltd. 

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