Wall Clocks As Decor Pieces

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It's probably just me, but I'm still trying to adjust to daylight savings time. I swear it throws me off for at least a month. I figured as I suffer through weird sleep patterns and tired mornings, I might as well make the best of it. If you're on the hunt for a new wall clock for your office, kitchen, or any other room in your home, I'm sharing my favorites. It's weird to think... a clock is something every single person owns (multiples, even!), but we never talk about them as a decor item. They're definitely not all created equal. Click through to see the top picks.

01: copper wall clock // 02: clark clock // 03: black marble wall clock // 04: lorne wall clock // 05: kennedy clock // 06:walnut wall clock // 07: roman numeral clock // 08: green marble wall clock // 09: color block clock // 10: classic clock // 11: cage wall clock // 12: marble and brass wall clock // 13: iron circle wall clock // 14: office mate wall clock // 15: cement wall clock // 16: brass spy wall clock // 17: rimwood wall clock // 18: artus wall clock
I used to have this weird obsession with time- especially when it came to planning my day and being early (uncomfortably early). I had a wall clock in every single one of my bedrooms until I was 24. I didn't realize just how often I checked the clock or my wrist watch until my dad called me out one day and told me I should try focusing on the present. Ever since then, I removed the bedroom clock and wrist watch. I still like a clock in my office and maybe even the kitchen, but I've come a long way. These days I'm enjoying clocks as a decor element that's functional, but not in the obsessive way that I used to.

How about you guys, how many wall clocks are currently in your home and how often do you check them? Luckily clocks have come a long way aesthetically and I'm looking forward to adding a couple to my new home once the renovation is complete!

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