Must-Have Laundry Room Items Roundup

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A couple days ago, I shared two laundry rooms I built using only Amazon products... well, now I'm sharing my must-have items for any laundry room on the Interior Collective. Maybe it's the fact that my kitchen and laundry room are in shambles right now as we're renovating, or maybe it's the organization and fresh mindset that come with a new year- but I'm craving a clean, organized, and happy laundry space. Soon enough, folks! For those of you that are lucky enough to have a designated or existing laundry area, click through for a peek at my must-have items, and save my handy stain remover guide / laundry symbol cheat sheets.

I'll start by saying, back when I had a real laundry space, I enjoyed using handy tools and good smelling products to make the chore more enjoyable. Below you'll find some of my go-to items...

01: detergent // 02: ironing board // 03: steamer // 04: laundry bag // 05: wool dryer balls // 06: laundry baskets // 07: smart iron // 08: velvet hangers // 09: glass spray bottles // 10: cotton candle // 11: linen spray // 12: stain solution // 13: folding drying rack // 14: laundry brush // 15: scrub brush // 16: laundry detergent container // 17: glass dropper bottles // 18: lint shaver

Aside from the obvious, like gorgeous hampers, I'm a big believer in little tools that make cleaning and caring for clothing easier. I don't know what I'd do without my lint shaver (#18). I also love glass spray bottles (#9) and droppers (#17) for premixed stain remover or laundry concoctions. They come in really handy and look much nicer than the standard packaging. I also realize I'm more likely to treat a stain properly if everything is premixed and ready to go. Living in a small house, I use my folding drying rack (#13) every single time I do laundry. I've also come to find laundry day and lots of folding is much more pleasant with a cotton soy candle burning (#10). Candles have a way of relieving my stress and making me happy- even despite staring at a dirty pile of laundry.

There's nothing worse that washing or drying a garment, only to realize it changed colors, shrunk, or was damaged in the wash. I created the above cheat sheet to help remind myself which symbols are which. Below you can also find a stain removal guide.

I never know whether to use hot or cold water, or which products will help lift certain stains, so keeping this close by or saved on my phone is really helpful! We spilled red white on our white sofa not too long ago and it came right out. There have been multiple times where I've referenced this little guide and I hope it will come in handy for you too!

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Are there any other laundry products I should add to my must-have list? Any other stain removal tricks? I'd love to hear your favorites!

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