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Designers Roman Alonso, Steven Johanknecht, and Pamela Shamshiri in the Greenroom backstage at the Dolby Theatre (Photo: Robert Hanashiro, USA Today)

With just under 3 days until the 87th Academy Awards (ABC, 7 p.m. ET/4 p.m. PT), it’s no surprise that the buzz is building. Beyond guesses of who will win each category, USA Today and Architectural Digest give Oscar-lovers a sneak peek at the backstage oasis that is the 2015 Architectural Digest Greenroom.

Set to exude comfort and seamlessly transition from day to night, the Greenroom was designed as if novelist/screenwriter Joan Didion invited the team over for a drink before the Oscars, according to designers.

(Photo: Roger Davies, Architectural Digest)

“We all talked about ‘What’s one place where people actually feel comfortable wearing a tuxedo or strapped into a gown?’ and it’s usually somebody’s house, because it’s more relaxed,” says Roman Alonso, partner of Commune, the Los Angeles-based design firm that created the space with five-time Oscar nominee Julianne Moore.

Of course, we’re excited for one of the most essential elements of an Oscar Greenroom: the bar. Featuring our new Calacatta Nuvo quartz and minimal seating, the bar caters to black-tie- and gown-wearing stars and presenters.

Caesarstone quartz bar (Photo: Roger Davies, Architectural Digest)

Don’t forget to follow the hashtag #ArchDigestGreenroom to get an inside look at the space and its star-studded guest list. We’ll be sharing photos throughout the night, so follow us on Twitter @CaesarstoneUS.

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