Pampered Pets | Top 3 Design Ideas For Your Cats and Dogs

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It’s not a new phenomenon for designs to incorporate the needs and wants of out furriest family members. But there are clever ways to make your pet feel special—while keeping him or her out of the main flow of traffic. Before you dive into your next project, consider how your pets come and go. Are there areas they tend to spend the most time? Do you wish they spent more time in a designated area?

From pet playgrounds and designated dreaming areas to hidden lairs and an indoor-outdoor oasis, here are our favorite design ideas for cats and dogs.

1. DIY Pet Beds

Pet beds aren’t always the most attractive element in a room. So instead of getting one from the store, create a custom pet bed that not only compliments your décor, but is also perfect for your pet—in size and durability.

Pampered Pets -

Pampered Pets -

(Photos via Mod Dog Blog)


2. Feline First

From bookshelves that double as climbing adventures to cat hideaways, if you have cats you should consider incorporating elements that cater toward feline curiosity into your designs.

Pampered Pets -

(Photo via Viralnova)

Pampered Pets -

(Photo via Mechant Studio)

3. Designated Dreaming

Designated areas for your pets will give them a place that’s all their own, and ensure they’re not in the main flow of traffic while they’re napping. Try transforming the space beneath the stairs into a slumbering suite, or try window seats for your cats. You’ll find they appreciate their own space just as much as you appreciate not tripping over them mid-nap.

Pampered Pets -

 (Photo via HGTV)

Pampered Pets -

(Photo via the Trendy Girl)


How Do You Pamper Your Pet? 

Share how you’ve incorporated your pets in your latest design in the comments below. We can’t wait to see!

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