Pantone Perfect Pairings Color Guide

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Each year, the Pantone Color Institute introduces a new color collection to inspire and bring bold, new colors to the forefront. We’ve partnered with color expert Kate Smith to explore these trends and how they coordinate with our newest colors! From kitchen design to bath accessories, bold beautiful tones paired with neutral bases are replacing the white canvas of yesterday.

Montblanc, one of our newest colors, has a classic white base to invite those bigger, bolder hues like Flame. We kept the palate crisp and contrasting with Ebony cabinetry.

Design: Kim Duffin Design, Sublime Architectural Interiors | Photo: Rix Ryan Photography

Combining dark and light with Lapis Blue creates a dynamic color palette that can be both modern, like this space featuring Raven counters, or more traditional with tonal accent pieces.

Design: Sydney West Kitchens

For example, this kitchen is grounded by neutral bases like Calacatta Nuvo and polished whites yet accented with vivid Primrose Yellow throughout. The stools and carefully selected accessories bring the striking color to life.

White Attica is full of movement and texture, much like the natural-toned hues that complement it. Classic walnut cabinets and greenery set the stage for a nature- inspired space.

Not every color scheme needs to be as bold and fearless as Greenery or Lapis Blue. Pale Dogwood and Georgian Bluffs create a matte symbiosis of soothing color, perfect for Scandinavian minimalist designs or to accent rose gold and copper hardware.

Turbine Grey, Kale, and Angora Oak evoke the best in one another – the mute tones of Kale contrast with the depth and texture of both accent colors. Our newest color Turbine Grey never looked so good!

We adore color in all its forms – from powerful and bold to subtle and muted, it’s all about finding the right pair to create a dream design.

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