Poster Bed Personalities

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Four poster beds make a statement like nothing else in a home. Due to their large size they become an overwhelming presence in a bedroom, but overwhelming in a good way - that is if you select the style that fits with your personality and overall aesthetic of your home.

The Minimalist

Minimalist Four Poster Bed
Images: (Left) Finishing Touch Interiors, (Right) Room and Board

Sometimes you don’t want all the bells and whistles; the minimalist in you wants something clean, modern, no frills, and no fuss. The four poster bed for you is one without curves and carving. One of my favorite versions is the Architecture bed from Room and Board (shown at right, above). It’s made of steel which gives it a more modern edge than other wood options.

The Preppy Conservative

Four Poster Bed Tan Pleated
Image: Suzanne Rheinstein in Elle Décor via Summerfield

No one does preppy quite like a box pleat with trim. Dress up your simple four poster by adding a few fabric details. It creates a classic coziness without being too overwhelming. Also, don’t reserve the grandiosity of a four poster bed just for the master. I love the way the preppy canopy adds a tailored affect to the twin beds in this guest bedroom.

Casual Flair

Casual Four Poster Bed
Images: (Left) 1st Dibs via An Indian Summer, (Right) iwantiwantiwant

Perhaps your casual free-spirit identifies more with bohemian or beach chic décor. In response to these personality types we have one of the simplest solutions for dressing up a basic four poster; add light-weight drapery panels. You can always use drapery rings to attach them to the bed, but panels with tie-tops are especially low maintenance, and will give you that breezy aesthetic you’re after.

All Decked-Out

Classic Four Poster Bed
Images: (Left) Homebunch, (Right) Book: At Home A Style for Today with Things from the Past by Suzanne Rheinstein

So you were born in the wrong era. The four poster beds meant for you are the types that are right at home in Downton Abbey, or possibly even the Palace of Versailles. For you uber traditionalists out there who feel more at home dressing up than down, these are the beds for you. Curvaceous canopies and lots of gathered fabric are where it’s at. Even though I tend to fall on the more casual end of the spectrum, I can’t deny how beautiful and cozy a fully decked out canopy bed can be!

Which four poster bed would be most at home with your personality and current bedroom décor? Keep the conversation going by sharing or commenting below!

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