Rethink Red: Update Your Dining with the Latest ‘It’ Colors

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Image: Traditional Home

Lately, I’ve been seeing green—not in money, but as a beautiful spectrum of paint colors ranging from deep jewel-tones to those with hints of blue. Perhaps, this is mere nostalgia for 2013’s Color of the Year. I do so love Emerald Green and its many glamorous applications. But it is a future trend, not a past forecast, that is piquing my curiosity. Greens and teals are popping up on dining room walls as a luxe alternative to red. Long considered the perfect shade for dining, it may be time for red to make way for the latest ‘it’ color.

My Case for Greens and Teals as the Perfect Dining Room Color

Update Your Dining with the Latest It Colors on the Interior CollectiveImages: Kristen McGinnis Design

It all started with my trip to the 2013 Kips Bay Show House on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. There among 5,640 square feet of design magic, I became enamored by the second-floor dining room, a mix of traditional architecture, decadence, and the avant-garde. Aside from the room’s perfect perch overlooking a glass-enclosed atrium (which filled both spaces with the most beautiful sunlight), the wall color, and its application, were absolutely flawless. High-gloss lacquered teal covered both walls and trim with a mirror-like finish. “This,” I thought, “is the perfect dining color.”

Update Your Dining with the Latest 'It' Colors on the Interior CollectiveImage: AD Design File

Months later, I stumbled upon a Greenwich, Connecticut home whose dining space reminded me of that space at Kips Bay. This time, teal had been replaced by a deep green. Though a slightly different shade, the overall vibe felt the same and the high-gloss was just as spectacular.

Update Your Dining with the Latest 'It' Colors on the Interior CollectiveImage: Traditional Home

Here are two more traditional applications. Again, lacquered teal walls provide a dramatic backdrop for dining. Isn’t the color fantastic?

Update Your Dining with the Latest 'It' Colors on the Interior CollectiveImages: House Beautiful

Rethink Red and Get the Look

If you love the look as much as I, grab a brush, but don’t forget these design tips. First, stick with less saturated tones to add impact that doesn’t overwhelm. Next, high gloss undoubtedly brings more drama and interest to a space. For the best outcome, a professional painter is highly recommended. Finally, paint over everything—walls AND trim—to create a modern backdrop that accommodates any style.

Which dining room color do you prefer? Traditional red or these modern alternatives?

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