Gather 'Round: Here's Why You Should Always Have a Round Dining Table

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Sometimes we all need a helpful idea or two when it comes to our interior décor especially when the decision involves a major investment we expect to live with for a long time. Such is the case for many of us when choosing a dining table, so I’ll give you the same advice I give to my friends and family: go for a round dining table. While I rarely have what I consider “hard and fast rules” for interior design—after all, it’s about what works best for each of us—the round dining table rule is one I do have. Here’s why.

Round is More Communal

There’s a beautiful experience that happens when you share a terrific meal: conversations flow, laughter erupts, and friendships are formed. This experience is enabled with a table that is literally without sides. A round table provides a communal arena that encourages sharing with one another.

Round is More Accommodating

Got an extra person (or two)? No problem! Plus, no one will have to straddle the awkward table leg stuck in the corner. There always seems to be plenty of room at a round table.< ?p>

Why You Should Always Have a Round Dining Table - on The Interior Collective

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Round is More Intimate

At a round table someone is usually sitting next to you, but without the awkwardness of that person actually being right next to you. It’s easier and more natural to see and interact with everyone at a round table.

Why You Should Always Have a Round Dining Table - on The Interior Collective

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Round is More Versatile

We all use our dining room tables for more than dining, don’t we? From folding laundry to playing poker, doing the things we do around a round table is simply more convenient and enjoyable—all the while leaving more room in the space itself.

Why You Should Always Have a Round Dining Table - on The Interior Collective

Image: Birdhouse Interior Design

So get yourself a round dining room table; you’ll never go rectilinear again. How do you use your round dining table?

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