Shiny Brass Accents

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Early in my life and in my home decorating adventures I much preferred brushed nickel to nearly every other finish. It fit my aesthetic, and it was also akin to my personal wardrobe style. Always choosing silver over gold. As I grew older and my tastes changed, I found myself shifting to the other end of the spectrum, warm finishes like brushed gold and brasses became my preference throughout the home. Here are just a few brass accents that I'd love to add to my space.

Shiny Brass Accents

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Liberty Pendant Light. This classic and chic black and brass pendant is large enough to make a fantastic statement in the kitchen or office. Hang it over your island, dining table, or mid-office. If your bathroom is large enough, it would also create quite the splash there.

Brass Ladle. This serving piece is hand-forged in Japan. Use it to serve up soups and stews or hang out in plain sight because it's far too pretty to hide in a drawer.

Switchers & Dimmers. Not your average dimmer switch by any stretch of the imagination! Beautiful and discreet for a quiet, classy electrical accessory.

Small Brass ILSE Bowl. A hugely versatile piece that can be equally at home holding fruit or vegetables in the kitchen, business cards in the office, or soaps and hand towels in the bathroom.

Wirekorg Brass Liten. Again, the functionality of a great wire basket is endless! Cookbooks and magazines, office supplies, and more can all find their home here.

Hex Paperweight. A geometrical paperweight that doesn't feel too traditional or too modern; just perfectly in between and great for a multitude of decor styles.

Scoop Table Lamp. I can imagine finding a place for this curvaceous lamp in nearly every room of the house. Perfect for a home office and more, its slim profile gives it so much versatility.

Nappula Candlestick. Enjoy a relaxing night in with some ambiance lighting or a romantic dinner at the table with a set of these candlesticks close by.

Hexagon Towel Ring. Yet another piece that I can see doing double duty in both kitchen and bath. The unusual shape of this towel ring takes a mundane household object up a few notches.

Lander Sconce. A pair of these sconces flanking a bathroom mirror or overseeing an office desk would make just about any task more enjoyable.

Would you welcome brass in your home or are you drawn more to other metallic accents?

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